Eloise Cheung, T3Pro

"It is used to set the hair style. I would use it after I have done a velcro roller set or a pin curl set to cool the hair down. It helps to keep the volume in the roots and makes the shape of the hair stay for longer. For an even better hold, once I have put the set in, I dust over a layer of hair spray and use the cool shot to dry it in before I finish the hair."

Peter Lamden, T3Pro

"I like to get a lot of root lift around the face. I always take a triangle section of hair going from a few inches back to the corners of each eyebrow. Once I’ve stretched and fully dried the roots I like to hold the hair in the brush and set it with the cool shot on my blow dryer. Allowing the hair to cool in the shape you want creates memory in the hair and makes sure your style lasts all day."

Patricia Morales, T3Pro

"The best way to get a good blow dry set is to use the cool off button from the T3 dryer. I start off with damp to dry hair and spritz a light volume spray at the roots, then section the hair into 5 sections as if you were doing a standard roller set. Using the round brush, start on the top section, then work your way to the rest of the sections. Have your T3 dryer on high heat to create curls with the round brush. To lock in the shape, let the curl cool on the round brush, unwind the hair from the brush, then pin in shape. Repeat until done with the roller set. Then use the cool shot button for a final touch up on the set, then remove the pins and comb out the curls with the fingers."

Nawel Aziz, T3Pro

"While my round brush is still in the hair I do a cool shot blast on the brush for a couple of seconds and then release the hair. This helps to hold the volume and set the hair with more shine."

Kiyah Wright, T3Pro

"I like to use the cool setting on the dryer to cool down the hair, especially when I’m doing a roller set, it really helps set the curls so that they will last throughout the day. The cool setting is also helpful for drying/setting the glue when I do wig applications. It’s also great for cooling off my clients after an hour under the dryer!"

Nunzio Saviano, T3Pro

"The cool shot is specifically there to cool down the hair and set it. It is a good tool to have if you are curling your hair with the blow dryer, blow dry your hair with a round brush in sections and once each section is dry, use the cool shot button as the final step to set your curls."